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SIDSclick Studio

Sidsclick Studio, specialised in creating the world way beyond your imagination...

Inner view of a futuristic vehicle

About Me

Hi, I am Siddhant Gawande and I created Sidsclick, a hobby, a passion over a decade ago. Each photograph I take is a piece of art that tells an elaborate story. My vivid, imagination that will capture your unique essence. I strive to creatively portray each subject in the most memorable, beautiful ways. 

I have always had a passion for capturing moments and freezing them in time like a special memory. I am 100% self-taught and I continue to learn everyday. With more than 9 years of experience, I have the skill and trained eye to make your project come to life.

Being a Professional Photographer, I am also Professional Retouch Artist and edit your photos as per your requirements.

Being a Photographer, I am also a Youtuber with over 235,000 subscribers. Perhaps you would like to check out my gaming page?

Armed with the vision to provide enhanced quality of photos to the community and with years of professional experience, I founded Sidsclick Studio in Jan 2013.

I have worked as a photographer for individuals as well as organisations. I specialise in Fashion, Event and Product Photography. I have also worked as a freelance photographer for an apparel brand as a Product Photographer.

What I Do?

I usually Photoshoot models, people and enhance their photos further more by creating futuristic world. All of the art on my page is created carefully, imagining the photos to the very last minute details. The more you stare at the picture the more you feel like you are actually there. 

Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberika are the few game titles which are the source of my inspiration to create them. Imagine yourself in the year 2084 and this is how every piece of art is created. Depending on the complexity, it takes anywhere from minutes to hours create each  picture. 

No two artwork, that I have created are ever similar. They are based years apart from each-other. 

A sketch of a human-machine hybrid

Come Play with Us

I am an expert in creating cyborgs or humans with cyber-arms in the Cyberspace. I can supply you with whole lot of futuristics weapons from my armoury. There's so much more you can do in Cyberspace. A world of imagination transformed into reality. 

Do you have more than 50,000 followers on Instagram? Let's collaborate. Let me create a picture for you. It starts with a simple art of the drawing board and then bringing it to reality. Have an idea? Let's create it!

And if you just want to get in the game and start shooting, contact me.

3d model of a human-machine hybrid

The Process

Step #1: Photoshoot 

Step one, shooting the model in a scene on basis of mood board. This will greatly affect the final result but while shooting the picture no one can say how the result will exactly be like.

Step #2: Retouching 

An advanced retouching of the entire finalised photo right from basic details in the background to hair strain. This process alone will take few hours even before getting into the creating art.

Step #3: The Scene

Since every picture is unique, I need to search new parts, backgrounds, cities every time I am working on new piece. This search takes hours as i have inventory of over thousands of different elements.

Step #4: Art Piece

This is final piece of the puzzle, a complete artwork ready, but to reach this step it's quite a work. However, in the end everything was worth it. To be honest, I cannot tell you how much time is spent in creating them

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